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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Charter Cable and the Purchase of Time Warner Cable

Marvin Ammori discusses the proposed Charter Cable purchase of TWC, here, for Wired.

He says in part:

We need to ensure that Charter will not lose its way after taking over Time Warner and becoming four times larger. That’s where merger commitments come in. In its legal application filed today with the FCC, Charter makes its case that the merger will benefit the public, and offers several legally enforceable commitments. The FCC will review the application, along with the initial commitments made, likely for the next six months, with input from the public.


Since Mr. Ammori assisted Charter in drafting its network neutrality agreement, as he discloses in his Wired piece, he explains why he thinks Charter's commitments are both honest and workable. First, Charter is accepting "nearly all" of the FCC rule. Second, Charter will not impose any cap on its users in terms of data or bill by usage. Mr. Ammori's piece makes interesting reading.

More about the likelihood that the deal will be approved here, from Variety.

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