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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CBS and Time Warner Come To Agreement Over Retransmission Fees

CBS and Time Warner have announced an agreement that ends the one month blackout for cable subscribers hungry for such hot shows as "Big Bang Theory," "Under the Dome," and "How I Met Your Mother," as well as CBS Sports.  Media watchers seem to consider the agreement a victory for CBS, which will receive an undisclosed bump in retransmission fees. Cable companies like Time Warner are feeling the pinch, both from legacy broadcasters and from other competitors such as Netflix which deliver product through wireless access.  Here is FCC Interim Chair Mignon Clyburn's statement on the news of the end of the blackout.

"I am pleased CBS and Time Warner Cable have resolved their retransmission consent negotiations, which for too long have deprived millions of consumers of access to CBS programming.  At the end of the day, media companies should accept shared responsibility for putting their audience's interests above other interests and do all they can to avoid these kinds of disputes in the future."

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