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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cyber Warfare In Popular Culture

Xingan Li, University of Turku, has published Cyber Warfare: Jokes, Hoaxes, or Hypes, at 9 The IUP Journal of Cyber Law 7-16 (February/May 2010). Here is the abstract.

Cyber warfare is increasingly listed alongside nuclear, chemical and biological weapons as a potential weapon of mass destruction. Interest in and concerns for cyber warfare have also been prevalent for decades. War-oriented writers usually exploited such serious and expensive terms as cyber war, information war and electronic war to spread their impetuous and cheap ideas. This paper by no means devaluates serious designs and plans, studies and research, ideas and claims revolving around cyber warfare. Rather, the purpose of this paper is to analyze existing jokes, hoaxes and hypes on the so-called cyber warfare, so as to distance serious research from misleading information.

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