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Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Excess of Caution at the BBC?

Mark Lawson evaluates what may be a much more timid BBC after outrageous episodes such as the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross mess. Artists are now complaining that the venerable network is now too cautious, "dumbing down" offerings because of fears over complaints. Says Mr. Lawson in part,

At the time [of the Brand/Ross scandal], a common view (certainly mine) was that, 12 months on, Ross might well have found a job elsewhere, but that the BBC's general panic over editorial guidelines might have calmed down. In fact, it has gone the other way. Ross remains in his post – a ghost of what he used to be, because of a strict system of precautionary recording and editing – while an increasing number of writers and performers are complaining about the effects of "compliance": the system of BBC editorial defences introduced after Ross/Brand and an earlier run of scandals over faked or misleading content.

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