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Friday, August 24, 2007

Fox Nixes "Anchorwoman" Reality Series After One Episode

Some said the much hyped reality/comedy series "Anchorwoman", starring actress/model and former Miss New York Lauren Jones as a real-life anchor at third-ranked station in Tyler, Texas was bad news from the start. It came in fourth. CBS' "Power of Ten" took first place in the ratings. Many journalists and some reviewers thought the premise, in which a model with absolutely no journalistic chops would come in to fill the job, was offensive. Others thought it was amusing. Ms. Jones herself misses cues on camera; other station employees ("Ed Murrow is spinning in his grave"). Fox has now canceled "Anchorwoman" after one episode. If you missed it, and really, really want to see the remaining episodes, they're available through the Fox on Demand service on the Fox website.

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