Sunday, May 16, 2010

Walter Olson Joins Cato

Walter Olson, formerly of the Manhattan Institute, and known widely for his blogging on Overlawyered and Point of Law, has joined the Cato Institute as a Senior Fellow.  Cato's legal research has for some time focused on constitutional issues, and I hope Walter will expand their purview into broader issues of liability and litigation, including mass torts.  One wonders, for example, what position Cato, as a libertarian think tank, might take on regulatory preemption of private lawsuits; there may be interesting differences on such issues between Cato and the less-strictly-libertarian American Enterprise Institute.  For an interesting debate between Professors Richard Epstein and Rick Hills (both of NYU) on regulatory preemption of private lawsuits, see here.  Best wishes to Walter at Cato!


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