Monday, January 11, 2010

Cadmium Warning (Children's Jewelry)

The Associated Press is reporting a study that demonstrated that there are alarming percentages of the heavy metal Cadmium, which among other things causes cancer, in certain inexpensive children's jewelry (particularly charm bracelets).  Some of the jewelry was sold at Wal-Mart and Claire's (a ubiquitous accessory chain here on the East Coast that many parents will be familiar with). 

The article from the AP is available here

It seems that if its not one dangerous substance (lead) its another (cadmium).  This underscores the importance of regulating consumer goods, especially children's toys and jewelry.  Trying to compensate parents after the fact for the damages caused by exposure to carcinogens, while important, will never be as good as preventing the damage in the first place.


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It's great progress we're having those recent years, but in these days we should not take anything for granted, everything can be dangerous. Even simple bracelets for children, can suddenly come in the other way.
Always important to be updated every media happens to keep kids safe.

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