Monday, August 25, 2008

FDA May Set Rules for Food Allergy Warnings

Article on -- FDA to consider rules for food allergy warnings, by the Associated Press.


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Anaphylactic shock is a medical emergency which is an acute systemic (affecting the whole body) allergic reaction. It occurs after exposure to an antigen (allergen) to which a person was previously sensitized.

The signs and symptoms of anaphylactic shock include the general symptoms of a common allergic reaction, PLUS:

* rapidly worsening symptoms (or previously severe reactions to this allergen)

* swelling of tissues such as lips or joints

* wheezing, noisy breathing or shortness of breath

* rash or redness of the skin

* loss of consciousness

* anxiety

* itching of the skin

* headache

* nausea and vomiting

* abdominal cramps

* diarrhea

* low blood pressure

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