Friday, October 26, 2007

Bayer Blood-Clotting Drug Trasylol May Increase Risk of Death

A Canadian study was halted after growing evidence suggested that Bayer's blood-clotting drug, Trasylol, which is used to reduce bleeding during heart-bypass surgery, increases the risk of death compared to other medications.  See the Wall Street Journal article, Bayer Drug May Raise Risk of Death, FDA Says, by the Associated Press.


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How to Protect Your Family From Bad Drugs.

Twenty percent of drugs approved by the FDA are later withdrawn from the market or carry warnings that they may cause serious adverse effects. To identify bad drugs, as these three questions:

1) Has the drug has been recalled or given a black box warning?

2) Has the drug is in litigation with numerous lawsuits against the drug company?

3) Has the drug has been banned in other countries?

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