Monday, September 17, 2007

Nagareda on Mass Torts in a World of Settlement

9780226567600 Richard Nagareda's book Mass Torts in a World of Settlement was just published by University of Chicago Press.  It's worth reading.  I had the pleasure of reading an earlier draft, and now that I've gotten my hands on the finished product, I can't wait to read the final version.  Nagareda, whose expertise in administrative law gives him a distinct perspective on mass tort problems, views mass torts largely as a problem of governance.  If the endgame of most mass torts is a private compensation regime designed by lawyers, he argues, then mass tort litigation functions as a legal reform mechanism that replaces one set of rights with another.  In the course of making this argument, he weaves together an impressive range of legal issues and mass tort stories.  Vanderbilt Law School is hosting a panel discussion on the book this Friday, Sept. 21, featuring tort experts Tony Sebok of Cardozo and Cathy Sharkey of NYU. 


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