Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blog Roundup

Civil Procedure Law Prof has a post on Jennifer Wolsing's article, Daubert's Erie Problem.

Food Law Prof Blog has a post on meat recalls increasing (with link to Marlerblog).

Health Law Prof Blog has a post on the FDA and Clinical Trials.

Products Liability Prof Blog has several interesting posts: Senators Brown and Casey Introduce the Food and Product Responsibility Act of 2007; CPSC Announces Massive Crib Recall with Simplicity, Inc.Mattel Issues Apology to China Over Recalls;  and Rhode Island Wants $2.4 Billion for Lead Paint Cleanup.

Torst Prof Blog has interesting posts on NEJM Clears (Mostly) Thimerosol; Goldberg & Zipursky on "Tort Law and Moral Luck"; and Sebok on NJ Supreme Court's Vioxx Ruling.


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