Monday, August 13, 2007

FDA Accuses Pfizer of False Advertising for Anti-Psychotic Drug Geodon

Article on -- FDA accuses Pfizer of false advertising: Pfizer's ad for anti-psychotic drug misleading, with health risk info missing, says FDA, by Aaron Smith.  Here's an excerpt:

The FDA on Monday accused Pfizer of false advertising for its anti-schizophrenia drug Geodon.

The Food and Drug Administration, in a letter posted on its Web site, said that a Pfizer (down $0.10 to $23.89, Charts, Fortune 500) advertisement appearing in a medical journal "is false or misleading because it omits important risk information and contains unsubstantiated superiority claims."

The FDA said that Pfizer omitted health risks that have been attributed to the injectable drug Geodon, including diabetes, high blood pressure and neurological disorders.

The FDA said that Pfizer used the term "movement disorders" to refer to a disorder called tardive dyskensia, a description that is "insufficient" to communicate its seriousness.


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i was given geodon for years now have daibetes type2 want to sue company

Posted by: tim hawkins | Jan 27, 2010 10:33:47 AM

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