Saturday, March 31, 2007

FDA Finds Pet Food Contained Chemical Found in Plastic

Article in the New York Times -- Pet Food Contained Chemical Found in Plastic, F.D.A. Says, by Brenda Goodman.  Here's an excerpt:

The Food and Drug Administration said yesterday that it had not found rat poison in pet food that has been killing animals, but that it had found melamine, a chemical commonly used to make plastic cutlery that is also used in fertilizer.

Hours after the announcement, the nationwide pet food recall, which had involved only so-called wet foods — all manufactured by Menu Foods and sold under a variety of brand names — was expanded to include one brand of dry cat food, Prescription Diet m/d Feline, made by Hills Pet Nutrition.

The brand was found to have been made with a batch of wheat gluten shipped to the United States from China that the F.D.A. said was laced with melamine.

Here's a link to the article in the Washington Post.


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