Friday, September 15, 2006

Wyeth not negligent in hormone drug trial

Article on -- Wyeth not negligent in hormone drug trial:

     Jurors in the first trial against Wyeth's hormone replacement drug Prempro found
    that the company was not negligent and did adequately warn patients and doctors
    of the risk of cancer.

    The lawsuit, the first of 5,000 filed against the company to go to trial, charged that
    Wyeth had been negligent in testing, manufacturing and marketing the hormone
    replacement therapy.

    Lawyers for plaintiff Linda Reeves, 67, had also argued that the company failed to
    warn users and doctors about the need for regular screening for cancer and heart

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I'm curious whether the jury found against the plaintiff on liability, causation, or both. Or was it a general verdict? Since this was the first verdict in the Prempro litigation, I'd think that both Wyeth and the many plaintiffs' lawyers handling HRT cases would be very interested to know the jury's basis for the verdict. Reeves was one of the bellwether cases selected for trial in E.D. Ark. (the MDL court) in order to give some indication of how the thousands of others might play out.

Posted by: Howard Erichson | Sep 16, 2006 2:29:14 PM

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