Wednesday, December 27, 2023

"Attitudes on Marijuana and Psychedelics as a Treatment Option for Veterans"

The title of this post is the title of this new paper discussing the results of a survey that my OSU center, the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center, help put into the field.  The paper is authored by Peter Leasure, Jana Hrdinova and Dexter Ridgway with a little help from me, and here is its abstract:

Many mental and physical health issues are prominent within the veteran community.  Given the prevalence of health issues within the veteran community and the need for a wide range of treatment options, some researchers have started to explore whether and how veteran populations should have access to alternative treatment options such as marijuana and psychedelics.  Additionally, some researchers have started to explore perceptions of alternative treatment options such as marijuana and psychedelics among military and veteran populations. Studies of veteran views on these issues, however, have not closely explored how veteran perspectives on certain drug issues compare directly to those in their immediate and broader community. Consequently, the current study sought to examine differences in attitudes towards marijuana and psychedelics as treatment options among veterans, family members of veterans, and non-military individuals.  Our results indicated that a sizeable majority of respondents supported the use of marijuana as a treatment option, and that many respondents supported the use of psychedelics as a treatment option.  That said, the results of this study also indicated that active and veteran military personnel remain somewhat less supportive in their viewpoints about use of historically illicit drugs as a medical treatment when compared to their family members and the general population.

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This research undoubtedly adds valuable layers to the ongoing conversation about alternative treatments for veterans, shedding light on the complexities of perception within and beyond the military community.

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