Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Some press accounts of impact of marijuana possible movement to Schedule III of the CSA

As noted in this prior post, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is officially recommending that marijuana be moved from Schedule I to Schedule III under federal law.  A number of media outlets and other sources have done useful  reviews of what this means for marijuana law and policy, and here is a round up of some pieces:

From the AP, "US regulators might change how they classify marijuana. Here’s what that would mean"

From Foley Hoag, "The Cannabis Rescheduling Recommendation: What it Means and What’s Next"

From Forbes, "What Would The Reclassification Of Marijuana Mean For The Industry?"

From Harris Bricken, "Three Myths and Three Facts on the HUGE Marijuana Rescheduling Recommendation"

From Marijuana Moment, "Moving Marijuana To Schedule III Could Have Sweeping Impacts For Businesses, Federal Employees, Research And More"

From MSNBC, "What the federal 'rescheduling' of cannabis would (and wouldn't) mean"

From Vox, "Marijuana could be classified as a lower-risk drug. Here’s what that means."

From the Washington Post, "Possible easing of marijuana restrictions could have major implications"


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