Saturday, August 5, 2023

"Marijuana Tax Revenues and Distributions in Recreationally Legal States"

I continue to enjoy the timely and informative work being published in the on-going series of student papers supported by the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center.  The latest paper in this series, by OSU law students and recent graduates on many important and cutting-edge topics, share the title of this post.  Specifically, this new paper is authored by Aaron Larson, who is about to start his final year as a student at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.  Here is its abstract:

An area of the law often forgotten regarding marijuana legalization is the tax and revenue portion of the statutory or constitutional legalization.  Each state that has legalized recreational use marijuana generates profit for their state. How much profit are these states making?  More importantly, how are the tax revenues being distributed?  Many Americans' wonder where their tax money goes.  For marijuana revenues, the majority of states divide their tax revenues through a required statutory scheme.  While if may be tough to find out where your income tax is divided, marijuana tax revenues are much easier to see, legally.

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