Monday, March 20, 2023

Student presentation exploring "stoned drivers" and how marijuana impairs ability to drive

After a spring break week, we are back to student presentations in my Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform seminar.  The first presentation will be a carry-over on marijuana and mental health from an earlier class, and then the next presentation scheduled for this coming week will take a close look at "stoned drivers" and how marijuana can impair an individual's ability to drive.  Here is how my student has described her topic and some background reading:

As recreational marijuana is legalized in more states, the question of how cannabis causes impairment becomes more of a public safety concern. This is especially true in regard to "stoned drivers" and how marijuana can impair an individual's ability to drive. Alcohol can be tested through one's blood alcohol content/level (BAC), however, there still has yet to be a consistent way to test a cannabis users impairment while driving. This presentation will explore the impact of cannabis on driving and how it compares to the impact of alcohol. Here are some links for background reading: 

Institute of Living, "Marijuana vs. Alcohol: What's The Difference in Impaired Driving?"

New York Times, "Is Driving High as Dangerous as Driving Drunk?"

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