Thursday, July 15, 2021

Highlighting all the great content in BULR's issue on "Marijuana Law 2020: Lessons From the Past, Ideas for the Future"

I just noticed that all the terrific written products of a terrific symposium at Boston University School of Law have now been posted online here.  Specifically, the May 2021 issue of the Boston University Law Review has these contributions from the event titled "Marijuana Law 2020: Lessons From the Past, Ideas for the Future"

Interstate Commerce in Cannabis by Robert A. Mikos

Health Equity, Federalism, and Cannabis Policy by Nicole Huberfeld

Marijuana Taxation: Theory and Practice by Benjamin M. Leff

Racial Myths of the Cannabis War by George Fisher

Hotboxing the Polar Bear: The Energy and Climate Impacts of Indoor Marijuana Cultivation by Gina S. Warren

Cannabis Legalization and Social Equity: Some Opportunities, Puzzles, and Trade-Offs by Beau Kilmer et al.

Cannabis Banking: What Marijuana Can Learn from Hemp by Julie Andersen Hill

Hitting the Trip Wire: When Does a Company Become a “Marijuana Business”? by Lauren A. Newell

Equity in Cannabis Agriculture by Ryan B. Stoa

Medical Cannabis and the Age of Majority by Katharine Silbaugh

Marijuana Legalization and the Role of the Massachusetts Legislature by Sean J. Kealy

Erasing Evidence of Historic Injustice: The Cannabis Criminal Records Expungement Paradox by Julie E. Steiner

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