Friday, December 4, 2020

Rounding up a few headlines just before historic vote on MORE Act to end federal marijuana prohibition

I have already highlighted in a prior post, asking "How many House Republicans are going to vote in support of the MORE Act?," what grabs my attention as the US House of Representatives conducts an historic vote on federal marijuana reform today.  But as the vote approaches, I thought it might be worthwhile to flag some media coverage that has caught my eye in recent days:

From Courthhouse News Service, "House Prepares for Historic Vote on Marijuana Decriminalization"

From Fox News, "McCarthy skewers Pelosi over coronavirus relief deadlock as House Dems take up marijuana, 'Tiger King' bills"

From Investor's Business Daily, "Marijuana Stocks Rise Ahead Of Historic Vote To End Prohibition"

From Marijuana Moment, "Conservative Groups Call For Marijuana Legalization Ahead Of House Vote"

From Rolling Stone, "Inside the Weed Legalization Bill Congress Is Voting on This Week"

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