Wednesday, September 30, 2020

"Cannabis and Coronavirus: Impact on Medical Cannabis Industries in Three States"

The title of this post is the title of this new paper recently posted to SSRN and authored by Samuel DeWitt, a student at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.  (This paper is yet another in the on-going series of student papers supported by the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center.)   Here is this latest paper's abstract:

The COVID-19 pandemic, while detrimental to the American economy as a whole, positively impacted the cannabis industry in many ways.  This paper examines how the pandemic changed the medical cannabis industries in three states where medical cannabis programs were recently implemented -- Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. 

In all three states, cannabis dispensaries were declared essential businesses and have remained in operation throughout the pandemic.  Due to the necessities of social distancing and minimizing contact, the medical cannabis programs in these states implemented new, innovative measures such curbside pickup, online ordering technology, drive-thru windows, delivery systems, and telehealth consultations.  Additionally, some states loosened restrictions on supply limits and caregiver registration, making medical cannabis more accessible to patients.  This paper suggests that many of these changes should remain permanent after the pandemic ends because they have modernized and, in some cases, legitimized, the cannabis industries in these states.

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This pandemic, the effects of Novel Corona Virus has really brought an impact and disadvantages upon the cannabis industry, it affects the businesses and industries in many ways, it affects the sustainability and etc. It shows how the pandemic was really a great barrier to the marijuana industry. But still many were able to surpass and find a way to keep in track with their cannabis business. Great article!

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The consequences of the Novel Corona Virus have had an influence and drawbacks on the cannabis industry, influencing firms and businesses in many ways, influencing survival and so on. It reveals how a huge obstacle to the marijuana business was just the pandemic. Yet plenty were also able to conquer their cannabis company and find a way to keep track of it. Wonderful post!
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