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Monday, September 17, 2018

AG Jeff Sessions laments drug-impaired driving with special mentions of marijuana

Jeff-sessions-attorney-general-630x354Attorney General Jeff Sessions today delivered these remarks at a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration event titled "Ideas to Impact: A Dialogue to Address Drug-Impaired Driving." Here are excerpts:

It is especially important that we get the word out about this because currently there is a great deal of misinformation and misunderstanding out there. Some even seem to suggest that marijuana and other drugs do not pose accident risks.

In recent years, a number of states have repealed their prohibitions on marijuana use. As a result, too many people think that marijuana is legal and that it is even legal to drive under the influence of marijuana.

That’s wrong. Federal law has not changed and drugged driving laws have not changed. Drugged driving is illegal on every inch of American soil. People need to understand that.

There is another common myth out there, as well: that marijuana doesn’t impair driving. That’s also wrong. Marijuana use slows reaction time and inhibits motor coordination and decision-making abilities. That makes driving much more dangerous.

The bottom line is this: if you’re driving under the influence of drugs, including marijuana, then you’re risking your life — and the life of everyone else on the road.

One European study found that drivers high on marijuana were twice as likely to be responsible for a fatal crash as a sober driver.

Here in this country, the Governors Highway Safety Association put out a report back in May that says that — of those who are tested for drugs or alcohol — more drivers killed in car accidents last year tested positive for drugs than for alcohol. And by far the most common drug was marijuana, not opioids. Nearly a quarter of all drivers killed in car accidents who were tested had marijuana in their system — twice as many as tested positive for opioids.

In recent years, it has been getting worse. According to last year’s version of the report, the number of drivers killed in car accidents who tested positive for marijuana increased by nearly one-fifth from 2006 to 2016.

According to the Denver Post, the number of drivers killed in car accidents in Colorado who tested positive for marijuana doubled from 2013 to 2016. And so, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have died of drug overdoses in recent years, another several thousand have died because of drug-impaired driving — either their own or that of someone else.

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It's as obvious as hell Sessions is taking some money under the table grin some opioid pill pusher

Posted by: Genitta Pettit | Sep 18, 2018 8:28:05 PM

It's "high time" someone had the balls to set the record straight about Marijuana. Watch out. What

follows is intended to offend every conservative stupid-shit who doesn't have the good sense to

understand a gift from God when he/she sees it.

I have used Marijuana daily since 1981. I run my own business, rescue dogs for the SPCA and attend

church where we tithe $500 a month, and not ONCE have I asked my wife for tithing money to buy pot. Not

once did I stop to say, "This is illegal! I can't touch it!" Piss on the feds. They're nothing but a

bunch of soulless pieces of excrement. Make America great again? That's bullshit. This country QUIT

being great in 1937 when "Marihuana" became illegal. For you moronic stupid shits who wrap yourselves

in the flag and get pissed by anyone who kneels during the National Anthem, you need to understand that

this country ain't great because of that. Got a problem with that? Tough shit.

Now for those of you (California Governor Jerry Brown, Atty. General Jeff Sessions and other

conservative, idiotic dumb-asses, the State of Tex-ass included) who, either as citizens, or as a

government employee, haven't bothered to look into the already established medical benefits of

Cannabis, or who choose to ignore it out of fear, I have some more scathing things to say about your

pathetic asses. Yep, there's a lot of profanity in here, and at 6'1" 215, who the hell is going to do a

damn thing about it? No one. This isn't the "pot" talking, it's me. And I'm not "high" as I write this.

I wouldn't matter if I was. This commentary would actually be a little less terse because of that. You

see, I have Cyclothymia, a rare mood disorder and cannabis works wonders for it. The medicines

prescribed for my condition can cause blood to appear in the urine and in my shit. Doesn't that sound

exciting? No thanks! So, if I take this "medicine", and I WON'T, I have to wonder every time I piss or

shit if I have cancer? HELL NO.

The pharmaceutical industry would love to have more opioids and such garbage shoved down our throats,

but oh no. There's a road-block in the way called Marijuana, and they know it. "THEE" biggest threat to

this country ain't Russia, China or terrorism. "Thee" biggest threat to this country is the white man

carrying a briefcase. Tough medicine, huh? Stay with me. There's more. To put this into perspective,

God made pot and put it here knowing the benefits it carried and that it would benefit man for all

time. The only problem is that "white-man medicine" HAS to be the one to cure our ills. When Jeff

"Little-Shit" Sessions proudly waves his bible in the air proclaiming "obey the laws of the land," it

doesn't mean take it up the ass to protect big pharma as he would like you to think. It means he's part

of the problem too, and once these old bastards start dying off, maybe, just maybe, America can start

to be great again.

Alcohol is rooted in our culture and is a hold-over from the "England days." If anything ought to be

illegal, it's booze. Pure, unadulterated white-man bullshit from first to last. What has alcohol done

for this country except ruin lives, cars, trucks and livers? Drink that shit long enough and if you

stop, you start shaking. How many lives have been ruined because of "hooch?" I can't count that high

and it ain't because of the pot. Any amount of alcohol is unsafe, so say the latest reports but I

already knew that!

Being "high" is NOT intoxicated nor is it an altered state. But how can you expect some dumb-ass

government official with an agenda or some ignorant red-state southern beer drinking, wife-beating

redneck to know the difference between his/her ass and a hole in the ground? Are you pissed at me yet?

Sit the hell back down. I'm just getting started. People believe what the government tells them, and

the government has been lying since 1937. Maybe even 1776! I have no respect for blind, "skeered" sheep

who believe everything they hear.

The fact is, cannabis allows us to medicate ourselves without depending on big pharma. (Like I want

that kind of help!) I'll just take a hammer to my head, thank you. What must keep politicians and big

pharma up at night is the fact that we can GROW our own medicine! Isn't that the way it's supposed to

be? If alcohol and tobacco are legal, and "pot" isn't, it should be obvious to anyone who has tried

"pot" that they've gotten things backwards. And it's NOT because of ignorance. They're protecting big

business and the cash involved. I have to wonder how much money politicians have received in an effort

to buy their anti-pot stance?

In closing, the good news is that many states have legalized Cannabis on a medicinal and or

recreational level, and there's no stopping it. Speaking just for me, I have more compassion, love, and

all that makes a person good in one finger, even as a "pot smoker", than those who judge me through

ignorance and fear have in their whole bodies. They're more worried about how they will be perceived

than they are about the truth. I would debate anyone, any time, anywhere on this subject and as a

professional speaker and "pot smoker," they wouldn't stand a chance. I would embarrass them in front of

everyone and send em' home the loser(s) that they are. Now, how does it feel to be on the receiving end

of this fun little exercise in shaming? Not good, huh? It's 4:20. I have somewhere to be.

Posted by: Bill Baum | Sep 19, 2018 4:08:51 PM

That's because just like drinking pot needs to be limited in use anything in exsess is is bad

Posted by: Jeremy David Brown | Sep 26, 2018 1:56:54 PM

Great comment bill, I have been a cannabis user since 1977,I served four years in the United States Marine Corps retired from two different jobs and I'll grandfather of two grandchildren. I've seen the beginning of pay phones to cell phones, American-made to foreign-made, from civil rights to no rights,prohibition of alcohol to TV ads with cigarettes sponsored by big tobacco, pharmaceutical companies making millions and millions of dollarsto making billions and billions of dollars, it's time to reform marijuana laws it's time to reform the thing I've learned throughout these years is the government has to have their hands in it someway somehow or they don't want it. Sessions is an idiot just like Greg Abbott and Texas.if we could afford to move to legalize cannabis State we would but I'm going to live in Texas I'm going to die in Texas and I would love to be able to smoke my cannabis in Texas with freedom. But regardless I'm going to smoke my cannabis.a little background I was diagnosed several years ago was a life-changing situation I had been on opioids for five years until I finally fully retired to where I could smoke cannabis on a daily basis ever since I have been off opioids for the past 3 years. All in which I was enrolled in the Veterans Healthcare system. Cannabis is not for everyone nor should everyone be forced to not try cannabis, under federal law you were forced not to because it's illegal. Or let's just say you can but it'll have consequences.all I see for the future is the DEA reschedule that way the government can still get money off of fines because nobody will get a free ride with cannabis, unless you grow your own , roll your on. So in closing this is what I have to say everyone mail a quarter to sessions and I have him to call someone who cares cuz I'm tired of his constant complaining and whining.

Posted by: Tim Ashley | Oct 23, 2018 10:21:27 AM

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