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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Catching up with recent state marijuana reform news and research via Marijuana Moment

A family trip has taken me off line for the last week, and so I feel way behind on marijuana reform news. But, as regular readers know, Marijuana Moment is a consistently informative (pro-reform) marijuana news site. As I was catching up, I thought these stories from the last week on that site were particularly noteworthy:

"North Dakota Likely To Vote On Marijuana Legalization In November"

"Congressional Ban On D.C. Marijuana Sales Drives Arrests, New Police Data Suggests"

"Michigan Cops Lock Up 80-Year Old Grandmother For Expired Medical Marijuana Card"

"Nevada And Alaska Marijuana Sales Far Exceed Projections"

"New York Gov. Cuomo Forms Panel To Draft Marijuana Legalization Bill"

"Neighborhood Marijuana Dispensaries Don’t Increase Teen Use, Study Shows"

"Almost One-Fifth Of California Consumers Still Buying Illegal-Market Marijuana, Report Finds"

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