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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A deep dive into the costs of raiding marijuana facilities

As mentioned repeatedly in recent posts, students in my Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform seminar are making presentations on marijuana-related topics of their choosing. One of the planned student presentations for this week will be exploring the "costs of raids" with "examples from states including Utah, California, and Colorado."  Here is an impressive array of materials/links that the student working on this topic has provided for class consideration:

"The High Cost of Shutting Down One Medical Marijuana Operation"

"Drug cops raid an 81-year-old woman’s garden to take out a single marijuana plant"

"DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana"

"Marijuana Law Enforcement Cost States An Estimated $3.6 Billion In 2010: ACLU"

"Wednesday's DEA Medical Marijuana Raids May Have Cost Taxpayers $12.3 Million"

"Weed dispensaries find legalization leaves them vulnerable to raids and harassment"

"Obama's War on Pot: In a shocking about-face, the administration has launched a government-wide crackdown on medical marijuana"

"Photos: DEA Raids Downtown Medical Marijuana Dispensary"

"Pot dispensary defenders say Toronto police raids were a 'disproportionate' and costly mistake"

"Canada's marijuana stocks on fire as dispensaries raids continue"

"Feds Spend $1 Million to Shut Down Single Marijuana Dispensary"

"New Report: Marijuana Raids Cost Lives, Cannabis Doesn’t"

"Feds Have Lost to the States on Marijuana: Denver Raids Add Proof"

"What's The Co$t?: The Federal War on Patients"

"The Price of Cannabis: An analysis of how decriminalization and Federal enforcement affect the price of marijuana"

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