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Monday, January 23, 2017

Terrific UC Davis Law Review Symposium papers on "Disjointed Regulation: State Efforts to Legalize Marijuana"

I just realized all the great articles from the UC Davis Law Review's Symposium on "Disjointed Regulation: State Efforts to Legalize Marijuana" are now in print (and now available at this link) in the December 2016 issue of the UC Davis Law Review: Here is the great set of article with links to the pieces:

Keynote Speech — The Surprising Collapse of Marijuana Prohibition: What Now? by Richard J. Bonnie

Marijuana Legalization and Horizontal Federalism by Brianne J. Gorod

Legal Cannabis in the U.S.: Not Whether but How? by Sam Kamin

Tax Benefits of Government-Owned Marijuana Stores by Benjamin M. Leff

The Colors of Cannabis: Race and Marijuana by Steven W. Bender

The Economics of Workplace Drug Testing by Jeremy Kidd

Marijuana Legalization and Pretextual Stops by Alex Kreit

Legalizing Marijuana and Abating Environmental Harm: An Overblown Promise? by Michael Vitiello

Drug War and Peace by Erik Luna

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