Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Big Law and Marijuana-Still Cautious

"Cannabis Quandary For Firms," the National Law Journal article which inspired  this post is ancient [a week old]  by the standards of  the blogosphere. But in addition to my fascination with the "Bigs" that are eyeing the marijuana industry, I think it's worth pointing out because it relates to a topic near and dear to the readers of this blog, job creation for lawyers. 

Here's  an excerpt/ executive summary: 

At least six small law firms in Colo­rado, California, Florida and Washington state have reorganized themselves around the industry. National firms like Akerman and Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman have jockeyed to do business with the industry. Many firms, with clients prodding them for help, are in early stages of deciding upon what to do. Yet other large firms, especially those that work with federal agencies that prohibit the drug, won't work with the industry.

Another reason for hesitation, according to the article, is that "the marijuana business isn't valuable enough yet."  But, of course, the marijuana business is expected to boom and legal interest will continue to increase.

Now what courses should that big firm marijuana lawyer of the future take? 



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