Friday, August 9, 2013

Introduction to a new class and blogging venture

Welcome to the launch of a new (ad)venture: this blog titled Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform. This title is drawn from the name of a new seminar I am to be teaching in the Fall 2013 semester at OSU's Moritz College of Law.

I hope that both the contents and very construct of this blog will inspire a new type of engagement with marijuana law and policy issues for both my students and anyone else who comes by this blog. I hope not only to have interesting content on this this blog serve as a focal point for on-going activities for my seminar, but also as an enduring locale for discussion and debate about marijuana law reforms.

As I gear up for my first few seminar sessions, my tentative plan is to be the main instructor and main blogger for time being. But I hope and expect that I will thereafter assign groups of students to select topics of interest for future classes, and they will be expected to post readings and class discussion ideas on this blog.

I am making this blog "open to the public" in order to encourage persons other than my students to engage with the blog and to use the comments to provide views on whether this new blog adventure seems like a good idea. If there is encouraging feedback from my students and others, I'll probably invest (too) much energy in this new project.

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