Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Going to AALS? Check out the AALS Legislation Section Programs!

If you are attending the AALS meeting in NYC this January, please consider the following announcement about the AALS Legislation Section programs that will occur at AALS! -- Colleagues- Just a quick note on behalf of the Legislation section to say that we hope you will join us for two terrific programs at AALS in January: Senator Chuck Schumer and Second Circuit Chief Judge Bob Katzmann will be the featured speakers at our main section meeting, on Friday, Jan. 8, from 130-315pm, where they will discuss the modern Congress-Court relationship, and then we have our first "New Voices in Legislation" program, Saturday, Jan. 9, from 330-515 (papers by Kirsten Carlson, Ryan Doerfler, Kati Kovacs, Magge McKinley, Bijal Shah and Evan Zoldan-- commentating by Richard Briffault, Bill Buzbee, RonNell Jones, Victoria Nourse, Larry Solan and Peter Strauss). For more information, please contact Abbe R. Gluck Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy Yale Law School (203) 432-6703

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