Monday, May 10, 2021

Legal Writing Scholarship Grant Recipients Announced

The Legal Writing Institute (LWI), the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD), and LexisNexis have announced the recipients of the 2021 Legal Writing Scholarship Grants for teachers of legal research and writing. 

Each year, LWI, ALWD, and LexisNexis award several research grants to legal research and writing teachers. These research grants enable gifted educators to spend their summers exploring scholarly ideas and producing scholarship that will assist others in the field of legal research and writing. While preference is given to proposals in the field of legal research and writing, consideration is given to all proposals from legal research and writing professionals if the proposals are related to legal research and writing or inform the teaching of legal research and writing. The grants provide evidence of the three organizations’ support for the scholarly pursuits of legal research and writing professionals. 

In 2021, LWI and ALWD cooperatively evaluated and awarded grants to three authors:

  1. Michael Blasie (Penn State Dickinson), From Nice to Necessary: The Effects of Legal Writing Laws;
  2. Dr. Almas Khan (Georgetown), Judicial Activism and Legal Education in the Black Lives Matter Era; and
  3. Marissa Meredith (Duquesne), Reframing Persuasion Pedagogy to Create Social Engineers


Hat tips to Sue Chesler, Jane Grise, and Sarah Morath, Co-chairs of the Joint Legal Writing Scholarship Grants Committee


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