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LWI One-Day Workshops - Such a Deal!

Cyber Monday is all about saving money and, boy, does the Legal Writing Institute havea deal for you!!! Do you want to attend ALL the One Day Workshops?  Do you want unlimited access to every single presentation at the brilliant events taking place all over the country without ever having to leave the comfort of your own living room!? WELL…we have just the deal for you!


You can take advantage of the special institutional rate and ensure that you and every single one of your legal writing colleagues can benefit from the amazing work being shared by some of the brightest lights in the LWR world. Yes, that’s right, folks!  ONE SINGLE PAYMENT will get you AND your legal writing colleagues an ALL ACCESS PASS!  Even better, for a limited time, you can get free access for all your doctrinal colleagues. What better way to remind them of how much we contribute to the academy and how the lessons we’ve learned about teaching under these trying circumstances can also help them in their own work as educators? 


This special offer expires December 12th, only one day after the last of the workshops will end. But act now so that you, and ALL of your colleagues can take advantage of this incredible opportunity!


Still not convinced!? Well, here’s just a taste of what’s in store if you register:


On December 9th, you can travel to sunny San Diego where the California Western School of Law will host a full day of exciting presentations on how to take lemons and make fabulous lemonade: “POSITIVE TAKEAWAYS FROM A DIFFICULT YEAR” is the theme of this One Day Workshop.  The program will kick off with “The Germ of An Idea: How CWSL Adapted Its Legal Skills Program in Response to the Pandemic.” The panel presentation will offer practical recommendations to professors in other programs who are looking to boost student engagement and one very practical solution that can help ensure program continuity in the event that any of your LWR colleagues get ill and need time to recover.  Olympia Duhart (Nova Southeastern) and Hugh Mundy (UIC John Marshall Law School) will share new course materials that harness the power of Netflix and podcasts to reach students, along with the blueprint for a summer session designed to teach faculty new strategies to bolster online teaching.


Worried about how to plan and execute your upcoming oral advocacy competitions on-line? Worry no more!  Melissa Shultz (Mitchell Hamline) and Christine Tamer (University of North Texas at Dallas) will share their top ten tips for keeping the magic of oral argument competitions alive on Zoom. And Joshua Aaron Jones (Indiana) will be illustrating the Top 5 LRW Apps. 


But, WAIT,  there’s MORE!!! Mark E. Wojcik (UIC John Marshall) will share his insights on how to conduct live grading and editing effectively on-line. Cindy Thomas Archer and Allison Mikkor (UC Irvine) will highlight how the move to on-line lawyering has changed the contexts in which our students will practice and how, as a result, we need to adapt our own teaching. Katherine Silver Kelly (Ohio State) and practitioner David Roper(Taft Law) will explore how to effectively co-teach an online class and how to integrate social justice themes into a multi-week module. Alexi Freeman and Lindsey Webb (Denver) will continue that exploration of social justice themes when they present an overview of an experiential course that allows for students to learn more about movement lawyering while also providing them with an opportunity to partner directly with national and grassroots organizations. 


And did we mention the social networking breaks that will allow every participant to share more intimate moments, at no extra cost, with colleagues from across the country!? You read that correctly:  AT NO EXTRA COST!


Don’t let this incredible deal slip through your fingers! Register now!! All it takes is a quick click here:


And remember, if your school is unable to invest in an institutional registration, you can still register individually at a much-reduced rate. But hurry:  the series of One Day Workshops begins in just a few short days. You won’t want to miss any of the amazing programs that lay in store. Details on all the programs can be found here:


One last reason to pull out that credit card NOW!? Know that your registration fee will help fund all the other activities LWI organizes. Yes, that’s right people, your registration is the gift that keeps on giving!!! Reward yourself. You deserve it!  And, why not help make these programs go viral by promoting them within your department and with your Administration as well: don’t let your school be one of the few that fails to take advantage of the institutional registration rate. 


David Austin, Legal Skills Professor, California Western School of Law


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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Daily Writing Tips

The website Daily Writing Tips publishes new articles daily on grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, and vocabulary. Click here to have a look.

Hat tip to Michael Goldblatt.


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