Thursday, August 13, 2020

JALWD Announces Its New Editorial Board

The editorial board of Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD announced its new editorial board members and editorial board members taking on new roles:
Aysha Ames (Brooklyn): Aysha joins LC&R as an Associate Editor. Before joining Brooklyn Law in 2018, Aysha served as an attorney for the United States Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights.
Maikieta Brantley (Denver): Maikieta joins LC&R as our Social Media Editor. Before joining the Lawyering Process Program at Denver Law in 2019, Maikieta did commercial and civil litigation work
Brad Desnoyer (Indiana): Brad previously served as an Associate Editor for LC&R and is now stepping into a Lead Editor role. Brad previously taught at the University of Missouri. Brad is the author of an exam-writing book published by West Academic, as well as co-author of an article on Race, Rhetoric, and Judicial Opinions.
Rachel Goldberg (Cornell): Rachel joins LC&R as an Associate Editor. Prior to joining Cornell, Rachel practiced appellate-level criminal defense at the Center for Appellate Litigation in New York City. She has a Ph.D. in English Language and Rhetoric from the University of Washington, where she also co-directed the Expository Writing Program.
Kristin Gerdy (BYU): Kristin has been an editor for LC&R since 2010 and now steps into a new role, Inter-Journal Liaison. She previously served as Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor-in-Chief of JLWI and has been a member of the ALWD and LWI Boards. She has authored numerous articles and essays on topics including the use of technology in the classroom and introducing first-year students to the "heart" of lawyering, and has a forthcoming article on literary references in the federal appellate courts.
Margaret Hannon (Michigan): Margaret previously served as an Associate and Lead Editor for LC&R and is now stepping into the co-Editor-in-Chief role. Margaret previously served as Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief of LWI's Monograph Series, and is currently serving as Site Committee Host Liaison for ALWD's 2021 conference. Margaret co-authored an employment discrimination textbook and has contributed to Perspectives, the ABA's Before the Bar blog, and the Appellate Advocacy blog. She also volunteers as a cooperating attorney for the ACLU of Michigan.
Sherri Keene (Georgetown): Sherri previously served as an Associate Editor for LC&R and is now stepping into a Lead Editor role. Before joining Georgetown Law, Sherri served as the director of Maryland's legal writing program. Sherri was selected as a Distinguished Speaker by ALWD and organized Maryland Law Review's 2018 symposium on race and rhetoric. Sherri's most recent writing focuses on race and racial issues in criminal procedure.
Abby Pathoff (Chapman): Abby previously served as Social Media Editor for LC&R and is now stepping into an Associate Editor role. Before joining Chapman Law, Abby taught at the University of Idaho College of Law, where she was nominated for a teaching excellence award. Abby has written on the impact of fear-based narratives on law students.
Joe Regalia (UNLV): Joe joins LC&R as an Associate Editor. Before joining UNLV, Joe taught as an adjunct at Loyola Law (Chicago), John Marshall, and UNLV. He co-edits and writes for the Appellate Advocacy Blog and is the co-founder of and Pro Se Bootcamp.
Ruth Anne Robbins (Rutgers): Ruth Anne has served as co-Editor-in-Chief of LC&R since 2010 and is now transitioning into an Editor-in-Chief Emeritus role. She co-founded the Applied Legal Storytelling conference, served on the LWI Board and as LWI's president, and co-authors a 1L textbook about persuasive legal writing. Ruth Anne's writing focuses on applied legal storytelling and visual design in legal documents.
Kent Streseman (Santa Clara): Kent joins LC&R as an Associate Editor. Before joining Santa Clara, Kent served as a professor of appellate advocacy and director of the appellate advocacy program at Chicago-Kent College of Law, and as an assistant professor at Baylor Law. Kent was voted Chicago-Kent Professor of the Year five times by the school's Student Bar Association. Kent is a long-time member of LWI's Moot Court Committee and is a contributing editor for the Appellate Advocacy Blog.
Beth Wilensky (Michigan): Beth joins LC&R as a Lead Editor. Beth has previously served as a peer reviewer for LC&R, with which she has also published. She has also published articles with the Journal of Legal Education, Perspectives, Scribes, and the Second Draft. Beth's writing focuses on legal writing pedagogy, including collaborations with doctrinal faculty and incorporating live-client work and professionalism into the curriculum.
These new editors join an experienced and professional team of continuing editors:
JoAnne Sweeny (Louisville): co-Editor-in-Chief
Susan Bay (Marquette): co-Managing Editor
Jessica Wherry (Georgetown): co-Managing Editor
Jeff Jackson (Washburn): Lead Editor
Amy Langenfeld (Arizona State): Lead Editor
Joan Magat (Duke): Lead Editor (and a former Editor-in-Chief)
Kristen Murray (Temple): Lead Editor
Amy Griffin (Colorado): Associate Editor
Carol Mallory (Northeastern): Associate Editor
Aliza Milner (Syracuse): Associate Editor
Nantiya Ruan (Denver): Book Review Editor
Hat tip to Margaret Hannon of Michigan Law School

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