Monday, July 20, 2020

New Editorial Board Announced for the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute

The Legal Writing Institute announced some new members of the Editorial Board members for the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute:

Irene Ten Cate

Annalee Hickman

Sara Ochs

Wayne Schiess

Drew Simshaw

Christine Venter

Katherine Vukadin

Pamela Wilkins


They join these experienced Editorial Board members:

Alyssa Dragnich

Liz Frost

Elizabeth Inglehart

Tami Lefko

Lori Johnson

Sarah Morath

Dyane O'Leary

Rachel Stabler

Brenda Tofte

Kathy Vinson


Congratulations also to the new Editorial Board leadership:

Elizabeth Inglehart, Editor-in-Chief

Liz Frost, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Morath, Dyane O’Leary, and Rachel Stabler, Managing Editors

Lori Johnson, Book Review Editor

Brenda Tofte, Essay Editor


And these members of the Editorial Board are rotating off after aerving the Journal and the legal writing community:

Lindsey Gustafson

Anna Hemmingway

Kim Holst

Jeff Jablonski

Lisa Mazzie

Karen Sneddon


Hat tip to Lindsey Gustafson



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