Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Congratulations, Barbara Tyler!

Congratulations to Barbara Tyler (Legal Writing Professor Emerita), who will be inducted this fall into the Hall of Fame at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.TylerBarbara

After graduating from law school, Barbara went on to clerk for the Honorable Blanche Krupansky in Cuyahoga County's Eighth District Court of Appeals.  I stayed on at Cleveland-Marshall trying to help start up our fledgling full-time Legal Writing Department.  A year later, we somehow convinced our then Dean, Steve Smith, to use soft money to fund another full-time Legal Writing position.  I was elated when I read an application letter signed by Barbara Tyler.  There was never a doubt who would be getting that grand sum of $25,000.

A decade later, it was the Legal Writing professors who dominated nearly every activity that went on at the school from Moot Court, to Law Review, to Orientation Training, to Academic Support, to Bar Prep Training.  Barbara was involved in all aspects of the law school life and became the advisor for the Journal of Law and Health.  She also became the school's publication "guru," writing numerous law review articles and helping students get their articles published across the country.  The top student article submitted the Cleveland-Marshall Journal of Law and Health is appropriately given an award named after Barbara Tyler.

In 2001, Barbara became the Director of Legal Writing, and, under her leadership, the Department members were able to attain 405(c) status, and develop and implement a mandatory third semester Legal Writing requirement.  Barbara was all things to all people, and, not surprisingly, acted as our on-call nurse whenever there was a health crisis.

Barbara retired in 2008 and is still active in community service, teaching high school students about the law, and being surrounded by her many appreciative children and grandchildren.  The Hall of Fame Honor is richly deserved.

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