Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to Take a Taxi from the Monterrey Airport to the 2017 Global Legal Skills Conference Hotel

Participants in the 12th Global Legal Skills Conference taking place this week have started to arrive in Monterrey, Mexico ("MTY"). Here is some advice on how to take a taxi from the airport to the conference hotel.

  1. Go through immigration and customs. After your flight lands in Monterrey, you'll go through immigration. Go to the lines on the right ("Extranjeros," which means foreigners or non-Mexican citizens). You'll pass through immigration, collect your luggage from the baggage claim, and go through customs. You'll be asked to push a button which randomly gives a red or green light. If you get the red light, you'll have to have your luggage inspected. If you get the green light, you will be on your way.
  2. ATM-MTYGet Mexican pesos from an ATM. After you make it through customs, go to the right (it's the only way you can go) until you pass some ATM machines on the left-hand side (look at the first picture). If you need pesos, then choose the ATM that feels right to you. Right now it's about 20 pesos to $1. This means that withdrawing $100US in pesos will give you just under 2,000 Mexican Pesos. The $ sign is used for both US dollars and for pesos, but you'll figure out which is which.
  3. Taxi-tickets-MTYFind the taxi ticket machines and buy a ticket for a taxi to Zone 5. These machines will sell you a taxi ticket to ZONE 5 where the MS Millennium Hotel is located. You can use the machine in Spanish, English, or French. Pick whether you want a "sedan" or a "camioneta" (minivan). If you are four persons or fewer, pick the sedan. Sedan

 4. You then pick a company and buy a ticket for zone 5. There are six different taxi companies and they're all ok. Here are the prices for the sedan (assuming you are alone or that you have fewer than four people in your group).

  • Ejecutivo $340 [about US$17.35]
  • Contaxi $350 [about US$17.85]
  • Golden $340 [about US$17.35]
  • Suburban $345 [about US$17.60]
  • TPA $330 [about US$16.85]
  • Totsa $320 [about US$16.35]

Taxi-TicketYou can see that the six companies are within $1.50 of each other. Pick one and pay for the ticket.

Take the ticket from the machine and continue walking down the hall to door number 4, go outside, and find your taxi company. More likely, they'll find you, put your luggage in the car, and be on your way. They will give you the part of your ticket that is the receipt.

The ride from the airport will take about 15-20 minutes (maybe longer if there's traffic). You don't have to tip the driver but it's certainly appreciated, and you would in your home country. 50 pesos is about US$2.55, if you're stuck on how much (or whether) to tip your taxi driver.

You'll soon arrive at the MS Millennium Hotel and be ready to enjoy the GLS Conference.


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