Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Call for Ideas: AALS Section on Teaching Methods

Here's the call for ideas, for the Section's 2015 newsletter:

The AALS Section on Teaching Methods is building its 2015 newsletter around your creativity and innovation for introducing practical skills and knowledge into first-year law school classrooms around the country. 
Our Goal Our hope is to create a forum that inspires each of us to share our ideas, borrow those of others, and ultimately reinvigorate and improve our teaching and our students' learning.
Our Ask - Using the form available at ‚Äč, please submit by April 15 a very brief summary (no more than 280 characters--or two tweets!) of an idea you have executed (or are thinking about executing) for teaching practical skills or knowledge in a first-year law school course (e.g., contracts, torts, property, criminal law, procedure, writing). 
By submitting an idea, you give the Section on Teaching Methods permission to reprint your submission, along with your submitted name and affiliation, in our 2015 newsletter.
Our Followup - The Section may reach out to the authors of a handful of submissions to write a brief article that provides more detail regarding the teaching idea submitted.
We look forward to sharing your creativity and energy!

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