Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Improving law students' research skills

Detroit Mercy’s Patrick Meyer recently conducted a study to determine what research abilities law Meyer firms want in new law graduates.  Noting flaws in graduates’ research skills, Meyer's respondents stated, among other things, “Most summers and first years arrive at [our] law firm woefully unprepared,” “Books! They tend to waste time poking around online when they could have easily and efficiently found the answers if the used the state practice series,” and  “PLEASE teach them to be cost-aware . . . and not just dive into expensive research as if it were Google!”  

 To address these and other gaps in graduates’ research skills, Meyer proposes requiring an advanced legal research course and “taking steps to infuse research training throughout the curriculum, as the Carnegie Report recommends for lawyering skills.”  His results are reported in Law Firm Legal Research Requirements and the Legal Academy Beyond Carnegie, 35 Whittier L. Rev. 419 (2014).



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Law students are unskilled in research. Books! is an important word with the exclamation point after it. On the other hand, older lawyers are unskilled at what is available on the internet. Now that they are forced into On Line filing they may see some of the benefits of Pacer. Many students are unaware of law blogs. So are many lawyers. Go onto Sentencing Law and Policy blog or Turleyblog and you will find few young lawyers and no law students. In writing skills many law professors get into the upscale language which is BS.

Posted by: Liberty 1st | Jan 28, 2015 10:41:07 AM

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