Saturday, November 15, 2014

Citing Legally

Peter W. Martin, the Jane M. Foster Professor of Law (Emeritus) at Cornell, has a website called "Citing Legally: Occasional Observations Concerning the Citation of Legal Authorities by Lawyers and Judges." That blog, we're told, is a byproduct of the annual revision of "Introduction to Basic Legal Citation," an online resource that looks to be not only pretty darn good but also one that invites serious discussion of legal citation.

The Citing Legally Blog contains a detailed and analytical response to a post we had earlier noting that the Westlaw "Copy with Reference" feature for ALWD copies to the fourth, rather than the fifth, edition of the ALWD Manual.  His practical and useful suggestion to fix that was to simply delete the ALWD option because, as he correctly notes, the citations in the new edition of the ALWD manual produce exactly the same citations as the Bluebook.  (I think I'm going to start calling the new edition of ALWD "the fantastic fifth edition.")

Please visit that website and have a look at the other treasures it offers.  Congratulations Professor Martin on the serious study of citation you share with us all.

Mark E. Wojcik (mew)

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