Monday, June 23, 2014

Countdown to the LWI conference!

CentenoThe 2014 Legal Writing Conference starts next weekend, on June 29, in WallingerPhiladelphia. Conference co-chairs Candace Centeno (pictured at left) and Carol Wallinger (at right) have offered some tips for participants:    

"1. The dress code?  For those new to the conference, there is no set dress code for the conference.  Most people wear comfortable clothes, although you will also see some people in suits (particularly for presentations).  For the gala, business casual is appropriate.
"2. Weather in Philadelphia?  Although it is too early to predict Philadelphia’s always changing weather, the ten-day weather forecast calls for temperatures in the high 80s from Monday through Wednesday, along with a chance for showers/thunderstorms on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Pack an umbrella (just in case!) for ventures outside of the hotel, including the brief walk to the Gala on Tuesday.
"3. What else to pack?  If you want to do some walking around Philadelphia, pack some comfortable walking shoes.  Many of the historical sites are within walking distance."  

          Veteran conference participant Sue Liemer emphasized on the listserv that the dress code really is casual. She wrote, "Starting with the first LWI conference, the pioneers of our field made a point of wanting everyone to feel comfortable at the conference, and they encouraged a no-dress-code tradition. If you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt, even when you give your presentation, you won’t be the only one."

         Regarding transportation, the chairs explain, "The regional rail is particularly convenient because there is a stop right next to the Marriot hotel (the Market East stop).  Alternatively, taxis are plentiful, and . . . Internet research revealed a flat rate of $26.25 from the airport to downtown Philadelphia."

          See the conference website for more detailed information, including the conference program.

hat tips: Candace Centeno, Carol Wallinger, Sue Liemer



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