Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The new issue of JALWD is out

The Fall 2013 issue of Legal Communication and Rhetoric: JALWD arrived in my mail today.  It contains some intriguing titles by well-known legal writing scholars:

Linda Berger, A Revised View of the Judicial Hunch

Steven Johansen, Coming Attractions: An Essay on Movie Trailers and Preliminary Statements

J. Christopher Rideout, Twice-Told Tale: Plausibility and Narrative Coherence in Judicial Storytelling

Louis Sirico, Benjamin Franklin, Prayer, and the Constitutional Convention: History as Narrative

Julie Oseid, The Power of Zeal: Teddy Roosevelt’s Life and Writing

Richard Neumann, Osler, Langdell, and the Atelier: Three Tales of Creation in Professional Education

Pamela Jenoff, The Self-Assessed Writer: Harnessing Fiction-Writing Processes to Understand Ourselves as Legal Writers and Maximize Legal Writing Productivity

Stacy R. Sharp, Responding to Counterarguments: Learning from the Swing-Vote Cases

Michael Murray, The Promise of Parentheticals: An Empirical Study of the Use of Parentheticals in Federal Appellate Briefs


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