Monday, June 17, 2013

overcoming procrastination

We all do it from time to time. C'mon, you're probably doing it right now, procrastinating by reading this blog. Two recent articles shed some useful light on why we procrastinate and how to help ourselves move on, to more productive activities. (But do come back to the blog from time to time.)

First, a short article by Meehan Rasch addresses "Understanding the Procrastination Cycle". The abstract tell us: "Procrastination is one of the enduring challenges of human existence, as well as one of the chief problems with which law students struggle. Understanding the cycle of procrastination can help law professors and advisors more constructively address students’ issues in this area — not to mention our own."

Once you've done a reality check via the short article, you're ready for more detailed information in a longer, but just as accessible, article written David and Meehan Rasch: "Overcoming Writer's Block and Procrastination for Attorneys, Law Students, and Law Professors". And here's the abstract:

"Law is a particularly writing-heavy profession. However, lawyers, law students, and law professors often struggle with initiating, sustaining, and completing legal writing projects. Even the most competent legal professionals experience periods in which the written word just does not flow freely. This article provides a guide for legal writers who are seeking to understand and resolve writing blocks, procrastination, and other common writing productivity problems.

"While much of the advice presented applies broadly, lawyers, law students, and law professors each have their own unique writing challenges. This article highlights some of the complexities of the writing process, offers an overview of common writing productivity issues, and provides a series of tools for improving legal writing productivity. Whatever kind of legal writer you are, we hope this article will help point to issues at the heart of your own writing challenges and will help you identify how best to make productive changes."


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