Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hitting the Links

I'm playing catch-up this week...I finally got around to reading some interesting links that came my way over the past week or so and I thought I'd share.

  • Professor Deborah Merritt has this post up at the Law School Cafe (hat tip: Mary Beth Beazley), where she talks about finding the right "core faculty" for today's law schools. Here's a teaser:

There is room for many types of teaching and scholarship on law faculties. Our biggest error, perpetuated at most law schools, has been keeping legal writing and clinical courses at the periphery of the curriculum and faculty. If we move those professors and their courses to the core, where they belong at any institution devoted to teaching students to think like lawyers, we would solve many of the pedagogic problems plaguing law schools today. We could teach doctrine and new “practice ready” skills, while improving the ways we teach traditional methods of thinking like a lawyer.



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