Sunday, January 22, 2012

non-fiction writing competition for doctors & lawyers

SEAK, Inc. is sponsoring the 2012 National Fiction Writing Competition for Physicians and Lawyers.   The purpose of the competition is to encourage physicians and lawyers to become more interested in and adept at writing fiction.

FORMAT: A short story or novel excerpt, fiction, typed, not exceeding 2,500 words.

DEADLINE: August 1, 2012

JUDGING: The submissions will be judged on originality, quality of writing, and the potential of the author.

SEAK, Inc. — Fiction Writing Competition
ATTN: Steven Babitsky
P.O. Box 729
Falmouth, MA 02541

1. The competition is open to any licensed physician or attorney in the United States and its territories.
2. The physician or attorney’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address should be contained in the submission.
3. Only one entry should be submitted by each physician or attorney.

PRIZES: Prize winners will be notified by email. A press release announcing your award will be sent to New York Literary Agents.


JUDGING: The judging will be done by a panel of judges at SEAK, Inc. No employees or relatives of employees of SEAK, Inc. are eligible to enter the competition. The decision of the judges is final and not appealable.

COPYRIGHT: All authors will maintain the original copyright to their materials.


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