Monday, January 30, 2012

New "Tips" Series on the Illinois Appellate Lawyer Blog

The Illinois Appellate Lawyer Blog launched a new series that it is calling "Two Tips."  The description of it is actually pretty funny (unless they really do use "Vulcan Mind Meld") and we also note that it will appear at "random times according to a strict schedule."  Here's their announcement:

Illinois Appellate Lawyer Blog announces a new series:

♪♪♪ Two Tips ♪♪♪

Two Tips, offered by legal writing and strategy experts, will suggest ways you can improve your brief writing. The tips will be in various formats – written, podcast, video, extra sensory perception, Vulcan mind meld.

Two Tips will appear at random times according to a strict schedule. If you have two tips that might interest Illinois Appellate Lawyer Blog readers and viewers, shoot me an email and we’ll make arrangements for you to appear, or write, or sing, or however you want to transmit the information.

Click here to see the first "Two Tips."

Hat tip to Steve Merican.


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Posted by: Grigsby Law Group | Jan 30, 2012 12:23:28 PM

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