Thursday, December 1, 2011

a boost for your legal scholarship

ImagesWhether you're required to write legal scholarship for your job or you just want to, whether you were on a law journal as a student or not, getting started can be daunting. Mary Whisner has written an essay on "Writing Buddies", 103 Law Library Journal 677 (2011), with advice that seems particularly helpful for those trying to get started or needing an extra boost in their scholarly output.

Here's the abstract:
"Using quotations from a variety of authors, this essay offers some observations about writing for publication. Section headings are: Write to Connect; You Get to Sound Better Than You Do in Everyday Life; But Don’t Think You Have to Be Perfect; Cultivate Relationships That Sustain You; Get Feedback from People You Trust and Respect; While You Might Write to Connect with Others, Remember That You Don’t Have to Connect with Millions."


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