Thursday, August 11, 2011

the foray into electronic grading

If you've put off electronic grading until it got easier, you might want to consider using Annotate for Legal Writing.  LRW professor Mitch Nathanson at Villanova created it to deal with the frustrations many LRW professors have with electronic grading.

Instead of having to struggle with copying and pasting comments via Word's bubbles, and creating your own macros, Annotate installs a ribbon right onto the top of your screen, with drop-downs of comments focusing on all the different aspects of briefs and memos that you normally would focus on when grading student papers.  There more than 300 preloaded comments.  You can edit those comments and also create your own.  You can also embed links to anything you want, like your PowerPoints or anything on your Blackboard, or anything else available electronically via the Web.

The program comes with dozens of preloaded links to the Purdue Owl grammar website. So if you identify a grammar problem, all you need to do is highlight it, and Annotate will automatically embed a link to the Purdue Owl site. There the student will find an explanation for their particular grammar problem, as well as a short tutorial to helps them correct it.   

hat tip:  Mitch Nathanson


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