Friday, May 6, 2011

Could you be an LRW scholarship mentor?

Often LRW faculty members lack the kind of scholarship encouragement, support, and modeling that is standard for other law professors. So now, to fill this gap, the Legal Writing Institute Scholarship Committee is compiling a list of mentors willing to help LRW faculty develop and grow as scholars. The goal is to give LRW faculty access to people in the LRW field who can offer an experienced but friendly voice of encouragement for brainstorming and sharing ideas. If you are an LRW professor who has published a scholarly work, please consider volunteering your time to help a colleague on his or her own scholarly journey.

If you are willing to be a mentor, please send your name, preferred contact information, your substantive area(s) of scholarly expertise, and either a representative list of publications or a link to your faculty bio to Thomas Burch at Feel free to list as many substantive areas as you wish, to help mentees find mentors with relevant substantive expertise.

hat tip: Kathy Stanchi


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