Monday, February 21, 2011

next Monday application deadline for LRW opening at SIU

Southern Illinois University School of Law is currently accepting applications for the LRW teaching job that Sheila Simon vacated upon being elected the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois.  The full official job announcement is available at here.  The job is a 405c appointment, teaching the required Lawyering Skills I and II courses.  The law school’s operating paper explaining the promotion path and criteria -- assistant, associate, & full clinical professor of lawyering skills -- is available on the LWI website here.  The deadline to apply is next Monday, February 28, 2011.  Please direct questions to Lawyering Skills Director Sue Liemer,

1.  The position advertised may lead to successive long-term contracts of five or more years.

The position complies with ABA Standard 405c.  The position is also in the bargaining unit of the university’s non-tenure-track faculty union and subject to its negotiated contract. 

2.  The professor hired will be permitted to vote in faculty meetings.

3.  The school anticipates paying an annual academic year base salary in the range $60,000 - $70,000.

The salary is for 9 months, and it can be paid over 12 months.  The position also includes a professional development account for academic travel, research assistance, etc., which in recent years has been $4,000 for each faculty member.

4. The number of students enrolled in each semester of the courses taught by the legal research & writing professor will be 41 - 50.

The law librarians team teach in the course and have primary classroom responsibility for the research skills lessons, which allows the LS professors to focus more on the written and oral communication skills lessons. 


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