Friday, January 14, 2011

LRW Posters at the AALS Annual Meeting


The Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning and Research sponsored four posters at this year’s AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.  Here, viewers look at (from left) “Got Issues? An Empirical Study about Framing Them” (my poster); “How the 1L Legal Analysis & Writing Course Can Bring the ‘Real-World’ of Law Practice to the Classroom,” by Nicole Chong of Pennsylvania State; “Beyond Etiquette: Bringing E-Communication into the LRW Classroom,” by Elena Margolis and Kristen Murray of Temple; and “The 1-L Journaling Project,” by Jeffrey Proske of McGeorge.

Posters remained up throughout the conference, and presenters were assigned a specific time to be available for questions.  Below are closer views of the last two posters listed above.

AALS Posters-1 
Poster presentations have recently become common at academic conferences.  After the first AALS poster display in 2006, I wrote up some suggestions about poster design and logistics for future presenters.  See page 4 of the Spring 2006 Section Newsletter.  Since then, I have switched to creating posters with PowerPoint instead of Microsoft Publisher, but the piece's other suggestions still apply.


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