Tuesday, December 21, 2010

West Publishing Ordered to Pay $2.5 Million in Punitive Damages

Well here's something to ask the West Publishing reps about when you see them at the AALS exhibit hall.  The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that a federal jury in Philadelphia has ordered the West Publishing Corporation to pay $2.5-million in punitive damages (and $90,000 in actual damages) to Professors David Rudovsky (University of Pennsylvania) and Leonard N. Sosnov (Widener University). 

West had put their names on a supplement to a criminal procedure book, but the professors had not worked on that book since 2008, when West cut their fee from $10,000 to $2,500.  Instead of paying them the full amount, West instead simply used their names to help sell the supplements.  The professors said that doing so damaged their reputations when readers discovered that the supplements contained little new material.  West said it will likely appeal.  

Click here to read more details about this in a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer.



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