Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A New Video Explains the New Website for the Federal Register

If you want your students to know about the Federal Register for researching proposed regulations and amendments to existing regulations, you may lament the lack of classroom time when there are so many other things to teach as well.  But we owe our students the chance to learn about how to use this important government resource -- and how to use it without having to pay expensive access fees through a commercial provider.

What to do?  One option would be to include in your syllabus a five-minute YouTube Video.  Students would likely welcome such a change from their reading assignment and a five-minute video is just about right for this.  You could of course show this in class, but you could just as easily ask students to watch it on their own.  

In your syllabus you can paste the link from the YouTube Video or, if you like, you could post a link to this very blog post:   http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/legalwriting/2010/07/Federal-Register-website-video

Here is the video that explains the new website for the Federal Register (as well as its history, going back to President Roosevelt).

Click here for another post on the new website for the Federal Register.



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